15 – Creed II

Tam’s back from his three week training montage, and he’s brought a sequel to Michael B Jordan’s Rocky spinoff. Tam’s missed his accents, Wumi talks baby surnames and Deeby reveals his vast knowledge of the boxing world.

10 – George Miller’s ‘Justice League’

Tam digs into the Hollywood archives for this week’s pitch, bringing the real script that *almost* became 2008’s Justice League Mortal, directed by Mad Max’s George Miller.

09 – Die Hard Clones

It’s another pitch-off, as the gang each pitch their idea for a ‘Die Hard’-style action film.

08 – Sir Christopher Lee

Tam is out of his comfort zone this week as he tries to pitch a biopic: The ‘Fantastique’ life of acclaimed actor Sir Christopher Lee MBE.

05 – X-Men Spinoffs

With X-Men Apocalypse coming up, and a successful Deadpool movie already out, the gang all come up with ideas for the next series of films in the X-Men Cinematic Universe.

04 – El Santo

In this week’s episode, Tam reboots one of Mexico’s greatest film franchises, the masked Luchador El Santo.

01 – Spider-Man 4

In this week’s episode, Tam pitches a long-awaited sequel to Sam Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ Trilogy. Adeeb wants Spider-cleavage, Wumi talks 80s hair and the gang plot the perfect sendoff for Aunt May.