44 – One Punch Man

This week we’re joined again by HenryOMaestro as Wumi pitches a live-action adaptation of one of the popular webcomic-turned-anime: One Punch Man.

Henry’s the anime expert, Deeby’s a recent convert, Tam’s out of the loop and Wumi tries to cast appropriately.

16 – Samurai Champloo

Your resident Mugen, Jin and Fuu, back again for another episode! …I’m Fuu, aren’t I? They’ve probably made me Fuu. (direct link) Here’s some stuff you might like:

06 – Pokémon

Wumi brings Nintendo’s Pocket Monsters into the real world in this week’s episode. Tam explains evolution (badly), Wumi introduces fan favourite trainers Ochre & Violet, and Deeby deconstructs the Pokédex.