58 – Space Jam but it’s Football

“Ehh! What’s up, Doc?”
Not the Looney Tunes, I’ll tell ya that. Well, not this week.
“…What time is it?”
That’s more like it.

55 – The Simpsons Are Going to South London!

Sure, they’ve been to London before, but this time our guest Stella is taking The Simpsons to The Ends. (direct link) What can I tell you that isn’t already widely known about The Simpsons? Let’s see what I can do:

38 – FranchiseWatch 2017

We’re back! While we get back into the groove with our own film ideas, we decide to have a look at the actual remakes, reboots and adaptations coming out throughout the year.

This week Tam finally snaps, Deeby loves the Fast and Furious Film Franchise and Wumi’s secretly a Brony?

06 – Pokémon

Wumi brings Nintendo’s Pocket Monsters into the real world in this week’s episode. Tam explains evolution (badly), Wumi introduces fan favourite trainers Ochre & Violet, and Deeby deconstructs the Pokédex.

02 – Avatar: The Last Airbender

Wumi tries his first ever pitch in this week’s episode. Adeeb doesn’t care about special effects, Wumi unbends the racebending issue, and Tam is just unhappy he had to watch M. Night Shyamalan’s version.