54 – The Heel-Face Turn

Deeby’s back! And we’re moving back to Mondays! Man, so much is happening.

To celebrate Deeby’s return, we’re pulling a reverse Hail Hydra: we’re taking a list of the very best at being bad, and turning them into a force for good.

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Here’s some stuff you might find interesting:

Here’s the trailer for the film I mentioned as reference for my Scooby-Doo pitch, Tucker and Dale Versus Evil.

Remember in Die Hard, when Hans Gruber sees John McClane and pretends to be an American hostage? That wasn’t in the original script – they decided to put it in after discovering the late great Alan Rickman – in his first feature film – could pull off a convincing accent.

Speaking of Die Hard, the book that inspired the film is very different. In fact, every Die Hard film – except for the most recent one – was based on or inspired by a book (or WIRED article)

Have you heard of President Supervillain? There’s a guy on Twitter taking all of Donald Trump’s Twitter posts and public statements and attributing them to the Marvel villain Red Skull:

That’s all for this week. I think I mentioned a guest last week but that’s definitely happening next week. For real.