52 – Samurai Jack

Wumzum’s here for the Weekly Writeup. This week I pitched my own Samurai Jack film. Live Action though – Tam made me do it.

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What can I say about Samurai Jack? It’s one of the best cartoons from a western animation studio ever. It’s up there with the likes of Avatar and freaking Tom and Jerry.

Firstly there is a serious thing we’ve got to cover. That Top notch badass art style. At the time of it’s airing, there was nothing like it in western animation. We were already used to Hanna-Barbera animation style of Scooby Doo and The Flintstones. Genndy Tartakovsky’s earlier work Dexter’s Laboratory was a cool concept and unique in itself, but there was something extra interesting about Samurai Jack.

You could really tell that each shot had been inspired by cinema. Akira Kurosawa comes to mind instantly. The whole black-on-white-on-red style really stood out from other cartoons.

I recently rewatched a commentary by on the two-part episode “The Birth of Evil”. Tartakovsky mentions how difficult the animation process was for the show, as the range of locations meant that many pre-drawn backdrops could not be used again.

The show is done so well that you only need to watch a few episodes of the first season then you can jump straight to the last. And you’re still probably gonna watch all of them, just because the formula just keeps giving.

Anyway. That’s enough of me. Go watch.


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