51 – Santo II: Rise of the Blue Demon

We back!

Before Deeby, Wumi and I have our grand reunion next week, I thought I’d treat you all to another recording from the March’s live show: a sequel to my El Santo pitch from last year.

(direct link)

This was originally planned to be a video exclusive, but… something went wrong. Although I’ve lost every full length of every episode we’ve ever done, I managed to salvage this one.

For facts about El Santo, check out the post from Episode 6. To find out what we’ve been doing during our break, read on…

Wumi spent some time in Copenhagen – you can see photos from his trip on Instagram.

I’ve just finished a short film as part of my Film course – check it out below:

As part of the course, there’s a post-film survey that I need filling out. If you have a spare minute after watching the film, I’d appreciate it if you had a scroll through it.

Deeby’s been working on a project of his own; an actress has asked him to help shoot a couple of monologues. As soon as they start popping up online, I’ll post them here.

That’s it for this week. We’ll be back next week for our official start to the series!