45 – Fuse the News II

After an accidental week away (tech problems), we’re back with another round of news stories, combined to make our own original pitches.

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If you haven’t listened to first instalment, check it out here.

As promised at the end of the episode, here’s five bits of good news from this week that most definitely were not incredibly difficult to find:

1: DuckTales is Back! And Already Renewed!

I’ll be honest, this Disney Channel classic was just the slightest bit before my time, but it’s hard not to get excited for this reboot, especially with actors like Danny Pudi, Ben Schwartz, Kate Micucci and David Tennant lending their voices to the show. This week saw the release of the first trailer for the show – out later this year – and has already been renewed for a second season.

2: Space Tourists!

This week SpaceX announced their plan to send two “private citizens” (non-astronauts, I guess) on a trip orbiting the moon. If successful, SpaceX will start taking greater moves towards a manned mission to Mars.

3: 100-Year-Old Dances to Bruno Mars!

Okay, I’m slightly stretching right now, but this is pretty darn newsworthy to me. Here’s an Instagram video of a woman dancing at her 100th Birthday party:

4: Man Survives Multiple-Organ Transplant, Prepares to Drive Cars and Get Married!

Adam Alderson from North Yorkshire became the fourth person in the world to survive multiple transplant surgery. The 37-year-old had 8 organs removed – including his pancreas, bowels (small and large), stomach and spleen – in a bid to remove a 10kg tumour from his body.

His upcoming plans involve marrying his fiancé Laura and taking part in the Mongol Rally, an intercontinental car race.

5: Boy Get Haircut to Look Like Best Friend!

Okay, hear me out.

This is Jax and Reddy:


After his mother complained about his hair growing too long, 5-year-old Jax asked to get a buzzcut like his best friend Reddy. Despite being different races, the pair are pretty adamant that their absolutely identical now. Pretty adorable, right?

One of these stories is fake – but which one???

None of them. I’m lying. They’re all real.

Hopefully this list of stories has kept you distracted from the perils of reality for a while. It’s a wonderful feeling.

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Next week, I’m taking on some Rangers.