43 – Romeo + Juliet + SPAAAACE

Yo! Happy Valentines Day and all that!

“Romeo and Juliet … IN SPACE!” was a challenge presented to yours truly by Tam almost as soon as he had the idea for this podcast. Deeby did what any right minded lad woulda’ done:
1) Put it off till Valentine’s Day was a stone’s throw away, and then
2) Made sure that his pitch veered as far away from anything like a Romeo and Juliet story at all.

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It’s still a love story though, I swear.

Anyways that’s the reason I’ve decided that for this weeks blog, I shall compile a list of Romantic Sci-Fi’s for you to Netflix and Chill over this V Day. But seriously, if your idea of a decent Valentine’s date includes the Internet you need to get creative. Quick.

Either way, read on. Here are my 5 recommendations:

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind


What if you could erase some parts of your memory? What if you wanted to erase a past love? What if you just fell in love with them again? Mad ting! Charlie Kaufman and Michel Gondry. Beast and Beast. You HAVE to see this movie!

I let my dad borrow this movie on DVD a few years ago and I never got it back.

The One I Love


Caught it on Netflix once, meself. Was not expecting that! A married couple are trying to save their marriage when their councillor advises that they spend a weekend in a beautiful getaway guest home but things get interesting as they discover what this place truly has to offer. Three man cast. Clever story. Beast of a film.



Probably Pixar’s most beautiful creation in my opinion. When a waste collecting robot stuck on earth accidentally finds himself on a journey through space he has mankind’s fate in his metal fingers.
Oh! And don’t forget EVE.
Or that beautiful “Dance” sequence they have whilst flying through space.
Or the fat blokes. It’s such a beautiful film. Beast.



Spike Jonze cemented his reputation as somebody who struggles to make a bad movie when this Beast was released. Like Wall•E, we have another unconventional love story about robots. (Sort of).

Joaquin Phoenix plays the clever but sad Theodore, a dude who falls in love with Siri Samantha (Scarlett Johansson(‘s voice)) and now his ex (Amy Adam) and the rest of humanity think he’s a weirdo. Ok – I’m not selling it well but trust me it’s worth a watch.

Safety Not Guaranteed


I don’t wanna lie to you; I ain’t seen this one yet but who said I can’t write recommendations for myself? Inspired by a trueish story, Safety Not Guaranteed is about a magazine intern (Aubrey Plaza) who investigates the writer of a classified newspaper ad seeking someone to travel back in time with.

Can’t tell you if there’s Sci-Fi in it* – or Romance** for that matter – but I was told to add this is my list. Apparently it’s Beast. Let me know what YOU think.

Deeby out.



*Tam’s note: There is. Sort of.
**Tam’s note: Again, there is. Sort of. Probably more romance than Sci-Fi.