36 & 37 – #TeamDeeby v #TeamWumzum: Dawn of Civil War

WAR! Huh! What is it good for? Two episodes of The Broken Elevator, that’s what.

Part One:

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Part Two:

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No facts for this week, but here’s a list of both teams and the episodes they originated from:


#TeamDeeby aka “The Deebyngers”

Jackie (Episode 26)
Granny Gustafson (Episode 3)
Dom Toretto (Episode 14)
Peppy Hare (Episode 22)
Jin (Episode 16)

1538931_10202338682175703_1882962288_n#TeamWumzum aka “The Wumicide Squad”

Ricky Conlan (Episode 15)
An Alien from Attack The Block (Episode 31)
Slippy Toad (Episode 22)
The Female Modern-Day Equivalent of Arsenio Hall’s Character in Coming To America (Episode 28)
Katara (Episode 2)