30 – Fuse the News!

…AKA The “We-didn’t-have-anything-prepared-for-this-week” Episode. Expect to see a few of these in the future.

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This week’s episode is based on a writing/idea-generation exercise I did on a scriptwriting course last year: we were given a week to take two news stories from a newspaper and come up with a film plot. I’m actually writing a feature film based on my idea from that course – I probably won’t be doing that with my idea from this week’s episode:

Here’s some stuff about some stuff we mentioned this week:

  • I was going to try and find links to all the articles we used, but searching “New York Train” on Metro’s website has left me a bit drained. I couldn’t even find that article. Sorry.
  • Here’s a fact about twins: Wanna know how to tell twins apart? Look at their belly buttons.
    • Another one: If a pair of identical male twins marry a pair of identical female twins, their children will legally be cousins but genetically be full siblings.
  • Blues Brothers was the first film to be based on a Saturday Night Live sketch in 1980. Wayne’s World came in 1992 and was also a success… then it all went downhill from there.
  • Bob Dylan was awarded a Nobel Prize in Literature last week, making him the first musician to receive the accolade. He received the award for “having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition”.
  • Have you heard of Inktober? It’s an annual drawing challenge created by Illustrator Jake Parker where you have to draw a different picture every day during the month of October. Wumi’s been doing it for the past few years, so check out his Facebook and Instagram pages to see his progress.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. It’s not much, so I’ll leave you with this song by Bob Dylan about a journalist:

Next week we’ve got another guest, so stay tuned for that.