21 – FIFA: Legends

Yo! Deeby here, taking over this week.

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So with the Barclays Premier League (the best football league in the world) kicking off this weekend. I decided to get all us Football Fans (Now including Tam & WumZum) in the mood by pitching a FIFA game.

Ya reckon by the time FIFA 17 comes out they’d have fixed their bugs?

  • fifainternationalsoccer_boxartI’m unsure if it was the first game to do so, but FIFA International Soccer was definitely part of a revolution in football gaming, when an isometric viewpoint unlike other football games at the time – like Sensible Soccer and Kick Off – which used a birds eye view or a top–down view.

    It was also the first football game endorsed by FIFA, football’s international governing body. Smart move, FIFA.

  • FIFA’s soundtrack (Dubbed EA Trax) is often highly merited with many songs often hitting major world popularity after they are featured on FIFA. How FIFA chooses its songs remains a mystery as forums continue to suggest it’s due to fan feedback and top management choices, but with songs sometimes being on the game before being released by the artists themselves, the easiest conclusion to ascertain is licensing ease.

    • The soundtrack for this year’s upcoming game includes tracks by Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris, DJ Snake and Zedd, with more to be announced before the September release.

  • While equal pay for female and male footballers remains elusive, the release of FIFA 16 Women’s football celebrated a small yet symbolic victory when EA decided to include a small handful of international women’s teams – Germany, USA, France, Sweden, England, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Spain, China, Italy and Mexico.

Tim Roth as Sepp Blatter in United Passion
  • FIFA, which started out as a tiny voluntary organisation before it grew and grew into a global behemoth with more member nations than the UN, had it’s reputation damaged as Sepp Blatter, FIFA’s president from 1998 – 2015 had been accused of corruption and financial mismanagement. Which

    It makes sense when you find out FIFA’s a registered charity requiring tax exemption in countries wishing to host a World Cup competition.


    AND IT’S ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR COMPUTER GAMES IN THE WORLD!                            >sigh< I dunno.

  • Oh, didn’t I mention: Blatter felt like such a boss he had a movie made about FIFA, United Passion. It was a flop.

    Star Tim Roth admitted only doing it to put his kids through college and director Frédéric Auburtin called the film a disaster and regretted his involvement. He claims the first treatment had a subplot about an investigation into corruption. Ironic huh? Wanna see the trailer?

  • If you’ve read this whole thing and you’re still not sold on football, or maybe that trailer’s put you off now, you might like this game by British Game Developer Dan Marshall; Behold the Kickmen.

That’s us for now. Wumi’s pitching next week. Should be fun.