11 – The Boondocks

Hi. Tam here. I wasn’t expecting to do the writeup this week (since I’m not on the episode), but, sure, Boondocks. Okay.

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Am I going to let the fact that I’ve never watched an episode stop me from writing an interesting piece? Maybe! Let’s find out…

  • Aaron McGruder is the creator of The Boondocks‘ cartoon and the original comic strip. He left the show before the final series and started on a new live-action series for Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programme block.You can watch the trailer for Black Jesus here.
  • In 2013, McGruder started a crowdfunding campaign for a live-action Uncle Ruckus solo film, with voice actor Gary Anthony Williams in the role. The campaign raised $129,963 of it’s $200,000 target.
  • A Time Magazine article called The Boondocks one of the ten most controversial animated series of all time, putting it on the list with Family GuyThe Simpsons and Song of the South.
  • Werner Herzog was mentioned at one point in this week’s episode. in the 80’s he directed a film loosely based on the story of a captain and his crew carrying their 30-tonne ship across an island. For the film, a 300-tonne (not a typo) steamboat was used and actually towed across an island by the cast and crew.

That’s all I’ve got for this week. I’m still away next week, but Deeby and Wumi will be back next week, and their guest(!) will be rebooting a Disney Princess.