58 – Space Jam but it’s Football

“Ehh! What’s up, Doc?”
Not the Looney Tunes, I’ll tell ya that. Well, not this week.

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“…What time is it?”
That’s more like it.

Ok – so for those of you mad at me for re-making Space Jam without the Looney Tunes and Michael Jordan (It’s Space and it’s Jam) well… I’m not even sorry. Calm down, Justin Lin’s been told he can direct the sequel and LeBron James is set to star.

Sounds like it might be doomed already though: Joe Pytka, the original’s director reckons it’s a bad idea. He says: “When we did Space Jam there was a perfect storm of players and ex-players available… [and] Michael Jordan was the biggest star on the planet.”

Good point, who the hell is Lebron James?

This guy.

Michael Jordan would prefer Blake Griffin (The other athlete everybody knows) in the movie over James but something tells me that that might be ‘cos James ain’t sponsored by Jordan’s Jordans.

Before you carry on reading you HAVE to check out this fan-made trailer for a live action Adventure Time movie:

Yes, it went Viral. And No, it didn’t deter the show’s creators from thinking about doing a live action adaptation. In fact, Co-exec producer, Adam Muto said: “If it was like a live-action movie with like Guillermo del Toro directing that would be awesome because it would be so different than us, and it would be his version of it.”

Still, I’m not sure why Jake ain’t yellow.

I really wanted to round this write up off with an exciting update about a Looney Tunes feature film, but the last time I heard anything promising was in 2014. Steve Carrell had been tipped to star, X-Men First Class writers Ashley Miller and Zack Stentz were given the golden pens and it was gonna be called “Acme”.

Sounds jokes. Let’s see if it happens.

Till then…

Deeby Out.