55 – The Simpsons Are Going to South London!

Sure, they’ve been to London before, but this time our guest Stella is taking The Simpsons to The Ends.

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What can I tell you that isn’t already widely known about The Simpsons? Let’s see what I can do:


The first family trip abroad was in Season 6’s “Bart Vs Australia” – Bart had been to France and Homer had been to India, but this was the first time the entire family were shown in another country.

Speaking of that episode, back in 2015 there was a change.org petition to officially change the Australian currency to “Dollarydoos”. The petition reached almost 70,000  signatures before being sent to the Australian Government. As a result, 1000 five dollarydoo notes are planned to be printed by the Royal Australian Mint. The post announcing this was made the day before April Fools Day, so a massive heap of salt should go with it.


Remember that episode with Leon Kompowsky, the guy who thinks he’s Michael Jackson (and was voiced by Michael Jackson)? Well apparently Jackson voiced everything except for the singing, which was passed to a Michael Jackson Impersonator.


The lowest-rated episode (according to IMDb) is a Season 23 episode. “Lisa Goes Gaga”, the five hundred and eighth episode of the show, features Lady Gaga performing several songs in an attempt to boost Lisa’s self-confidence. The episode is currently rated at 4.3, compared to “Homer’s Enemy”, the Season 8 Frank Grimes episode which holds a 9.3.

Hank Azaria, who voiced Grimes – and a whole load of others – has called the character the most difficult to voice. He based his voice on actor William H. Macy, while the look was based on Michael Douglas’ character in Falling Down.

Lady Gaga’s episode is the sixth of only ten episode to be rated below 6 on IMDb.


Season Four’s “Kamp Krusty” episode could have been a film. After seeing a preview of the episode Simpsons producer James L. Brooks suggested that the writers could extend the plot into a feature length story. Considering the episode was already pretty short – so short that they had to pad out the “Hail to Thee, Kamp Krusty” song – the idea was quickly turned down.

This season saw a direct sequel to that episode: “Kamp Krustier”, where a traumatised Bart and Lisa return to the camp for closure.


That’s all for this week. A huge thanks to Stella for coming on. As promised, here’s her latest YouTube video: