50 – The Shining 2

It’s our season 2 finale! I’m gonna spend my time off drinking Red Rum. Red Rum!

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Here are some interesting things for you to look at:

As promised, here’s the video of Dick Halloran actor/ Hong Kong Phooey voice actor Scatman Crothers singing the song he wrote for Stanley Kubrick during the filming of The Shining. You can watch the whole 10-minute interview with Crothers discussing his role here.

There is another Scatman song I was planning to put here before I discovered this, but this one is probably more relevant.

Here’s the trailer for Room 237, the 2012 documentary by Rodney Ascher which observes a variety of possible meanings and interpretations of Kubrick’s film, ranging from the film being a metaphor for the genocide of Native Americans, to the whole thing being Kubrick’s way of admitting to faking the moon landing.

With IT and The Dark Tower on the way, Slashfilm recently posted a list of lesser-known Stephen King works that could be adapted into feature films. Books on the list include Revival – a Frankenstein-type story from the point of view of the scientist’s friend – and Crouch End, a short story from King’s Nightmares and Dreamscapes collection.

That’s it for this week. I’ll be spending the next few weeks editing my short film, preparing my next batch of pitches, Remaksploitation-ing and maybe sleeping for a bit. Keep an eye on us on social media if you wanna know what myself, Deeby and Wumi are all working on.

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See you in a couple of weeks!