34 – Dear Other White People

Aaaaand at time of writing… If you were to google “Dear White People Fun Facts” you wouldnt get anything…. until now.

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The movie’s so well put together, you could be forgiven for thinking that “Dear White People” wasn’t Justin Simien’s debut. It is. Premiered at Sundance. Probably received a standing ovation.

Full of pop culture references and nods to other films and film makers (Robert Altman, Stark Trek and Spike Lee to name a few), the decision to hire Dennis Haysbert, face and voice of the Allstate Insurance ads, is a more solid wink linking Simien’s online campaign to the feature film. He was made for the role, surely… Check out the ad for yourself.

Oh, you didn’t hear about the online campaign? It was everywhere. This movie wasn’t funded by a film studio you know, I think it was a kick starter. I’m serious, the guys made a concept trailer and everything…

I assume after smashing their target they had a little left over for marketing. Check out their YouTube channel, it’s covered in PSA’s, comedy sketches featuring some of the movie’s cast and even a little series of everyday encounters between white and black Americans with fact-based lessons on how white folk can check their own racism.

Why you still here? Go watch them videos, they’re jokes.

Deeby out.

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