28 – Coming to America 2

For those who care, it’s Black History Month. So for those of you who care: We got your back. Wumi’s obsession with this Eddie Murphy flick has finally got him doin’ a pitch on it.

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Check out what else we found out about this film…


In an interview with Rolling Stone it was reveleaed that, “What do you know about African dancing?” was one of the first things John Landis (the film’s Director) barked at choreographer, Paula Abdul.

Yep, Paula Abdul.

She was only a teenager at the time – a very good dancer, mind you – and had already choreographed for Janet Jackson (Landis wanted the choreographer that did Janet Jackson’s video’s).

She was the girl that choreographed that opening dance scene at the palace in Zumunda. I guess it should also be said that Director John Landis also directed Michael Jackson’s Thriller video… I’m guessing he realised that some of Paula Abdul’s choreography was just a hyper-sped up version of a few dance moves from Thriller. If he did, it was a nice touch not getting mad and leaving it in.

In 1989 a pilot was released for a Television spinoff of Coming to America. In the pilot, Prince Tariq (Akeem’s uncle, I think? You can watch the episode here) is sent to study at an American college. The show was never picked up and the pilot was never aired.


Speaking of Eddie Murphy-related TV pilots: a pilot was filmed for a Beverly Hills Cop series, starring Brandon T. Jackson playing Aaron Foley, Axel’s son. Murphy was gonna make an appearance on the show too – probably once. Again, the pilot was never screened. Tam says he has the script for it – apparently it’s not great.

Ah, well. At least we might get a 4th film instead. Directed by Brett Ranter.


Mr Church is Eddie Murphy’s first film since 2012’s A Thousand Words. Murphy plays the titular Henry Church in this drama about a friendship with a young woman (played by Britt Robertson) spanning over fifteen years.


Whilst sitting to watch the movie, I realised that Cuba Gooding Junior is the credited “Boy Getting Haircut” in the famous barber shop scenes.. Naturally, I was expecting a couple of lines from the actor. I shouldn’t have, this was his first EVER film part.

During production, restaurant “McDowell’s” which was actually a converted Wendy’s in Queens found itself in threat of a lawsuit from the owner of a nearby McDonalds because he believed it were a real restaurant.

What else is there to say? Eddie Murphy was great in Coming to America… but you didn’t need me to tell you that.

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