18 – Fant42tic

This week, Tam takes on the impossible: he attempts to pitch a good sequel to 2015’s Fantastic Four.

17 – Genderswap The 80s!

With ‘Ghostbusters’ out this week, we discuss other beloved 80s films that could use a gender-swapped, modern-day reboot, and we’ve brought back Ashley to judge the best idea.

16 – Samurai Champloo

Your resident Mugen, Jin and Fuu, back again for another episode! …I’m Fuu, aren’t I? They’ve probably made me Fuu. (direct link) Here’s some stuff you might like:

15 – Creed II

Tam’s back from his three week training montage, and he’s brought a sequel to Michael B Jordan’s Rocky spinoff. Tam’s missed his accents, Wumi talks baby surnames and Deeby reveals his vast knowledge of the boxing world.