12 – Once Upon a Pocahontas

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Yo. I’m Deeby. I’m doin’ your blog today.
First thing’s first. Pocahontas touched me in places I didn’t know I had. Then I found all these Pocahontas and Once Upon a Time fun facts and now Pocahuntas tickles me in places I didn’t know could get tickled. Check it out.

  • Once Upon a Time premiered in 2011 featuring characters from Disney films, ranging from Snow White right up to Frozen. The part of Mother Superior/the Blue Fairy (from Pinocchio) was offered to Lady Gaga. However, according to one of the producers, they never never heard back from her management staff. The part then went to Keegan Connor Tracy.
  • In the podcast Wumi applauds how well Pocahontas herself is animated. It took 55 animators to create the one character.
  • Pocahontas’s real name was “Matoak,” which means naughty or spoiled. Pocahontas was probably the name used by family and it was common in the culture to keep real names secret for superstitious reasons.
  • Many historians believe that the story of Pocahontas saving John Smith’s life is a myth. Some believe the scene was a ceremony and Smith was never in real danger and others believe Smith may have made up the story. Pocahontas did bring Smith food every few days, which saved many lives, but there is no evidence of a romance.
  • After more research, turns out Henry’s pitch might be more close to the truth than the crew realised. After living in Jamestown, Pocahontas learned to speak English, married John Rolfe, took the Christian name Rebecca, visited England and even met the Royal Family, Queen Ann and King James. Unfortunately, Pocahontas died aboard the ship of tuberculosis before it had even left the English waters for home. She was probably twenty-two years old.
Honestly, I’m rating Henry’s pitch much more highly now.
Next week, we’ve got another guest joining the TBE Family. ‘Cause we’re all about Family here.