09 – Die Hard Clones

It’s another pitch-off, as the gang each pitch their idea for a ‘Die Hard’-style action film.

08 – Sir Christopher Lee

Tam is out of his comfort zone this week as he tries to pitch a biopic: The ‘Fantastique’ life of acclaimed actor Sir Christopher Lee MBE.

07 – 13 Monkeys

Deeby’s pitch is both a prequel and sequel to Terry Gilliam’s 1996 sci-fi classic, 12 Monkeys. Wumi questions Bruce Willis’ intentions, Tam can’t stop pointing out plotholes and Deeby discusses the beautiful union of two slugs.

06 – Pokémon

Wumi brings Nintendo’s Pocket Monsters into the real world in this week’s episode. Tam explains evolution (badly), Wumi introduces fan favourite trainers Ochre & Violet, and Deeby deconstructs the Pokédex.

05 – X-Men Spinoffs

With X-Men Apocalypse coming up, and a successful Deadpool movie already out, the gang all come up with ideas for the next series of films in the X-Men Cinematic Universe.